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Looking to find out about overnight dog sitting rates in Moreno Valley? You may be wondering how much you will pay to have a reliable and caring dog sitter stay overnight to care for your dogs and pets while you are gone.

Is there a standard or varies by sitter and location?

What exactly determines how much you’ll pay for someone to care for your pets while you’re away?

You either have to be gone a few days for work and or vacation but have to make a decision of how to take care of your dogs while gone. What are your options?

Take them to a pet hotel? or maybe to the vet's office? Should I bother a friend or should I hire a good loving dog sitter?

Your best option by far is to hire a nearby reliable and responsible dog sitter. The advantages of doing so are very beneficial for you and your dog. For once, you can save your dogs from being stressed at another location that is not familiar to them. If they stay at home they will be able to deal much better with the anxiety they feel while you are not around. The benefit for you is not only you will have someone to watch over your dogs and pets but also an added security for your home while you are away.

Of course there is a cost involve and that is what we are talking about next. Daily and overnight dog sitting rates will vary per dog sitter and location.

Angie's list reported in 2013 that the paying average was of $37 a day with a range between $25 to $50 for daily dog and pet sitting. CostHelper.com says that overnight stays can cost between $50 and $75 per night.

From 2013 to 2019 is obvious to think that this prices are higher now and also depending on the location you are in. This means for example that it will cost more for one hour of pet sitting in Beverly Hills than it would be in Moreno Valley.

It has been reported that in expensive neighborhoods you could be paying $35 minimum for an hour a day. This means you need at least 2 visits daily bringing it to $70 a day. An overnight including a 12 hour shift usually from 8pm to 8am could cost you a minimum of $90 a night and an additional $15 to $20 to come during the day. If you are gone totally for days that will cost you $105 a day.

In Moreno Valley you are looking at anywhere between $35 and $45 a day and an overnight around $50 to $80.

So what determines the cost of dog sitting?

There are several factors that are being consider, like:

• Number of pets.

Caring for three dogs requires more focus than caring for one, so you should pay your pet sitter accordingly. Some pet sitters charge an additional $5 per pet after the first.

• Type of pet.

Letting a dog out several times a day requires more work than feeding a few every day.

• If the pet requires medication.

Medication typically requires a strict schedule and someone highly qualified who knows how to administer the medication. CostHelper.com says pet sitters may charge $5 to $10 more per pill if the pet requires medication.

• Overnight stays.

An overnight stay requires more hours of the pet sitter's time, so they charge more accordingly.

As you see cost can add up but now that you know what is being consider you can save a few dollars if you prepare accordingly.

For example, look for a dog sitter that is closer to you. This way you will save in traveling costs. If your pet requires medication make sure you buy enough supply with a little extra just in case of the unexpected. This way you can avoid an extra charge if dog sitter has to travel to the vet for medication.

How does the pet sitting service charge?

Many companies charge by the day, taking into consideration the number and length of visits, how often the pet needs to be walked and any other circumstances.

Some pet caregivers charge by the hour, while others have a fixed rate for certain types and numbers of pets, such as one dog or several cats.

Keep in mind that unexpected issues can occur. Not all will be pet sitter charges, but you should consider that problems — and their costs — are a possibility while you’re gone.

In cases of emergency, your pet sitter may need to take your dog or cat to the vet. You may want to make payment arrangements with your vet before your vacation. If you done this, make sure to tell your sitter.

Chances are someone you know may recommend a good dog or pet sitter. Otherwise you are going to have to shop around. Since now you know what is being consider and roughly know what the charge could be is a matter to meet the sitter have a feel for it and discuss and hopefully get to an agreement.

My basic daily charge for one dog is $20 per 30 min visit ( minimum 2 visits per day ). Add $5 for each extra pet. If you wish me to stay overnight it will be $50 a 12 hour night. Add extra $15 if an extra visit during the day is required. I usually don't charge extra for medication unless there is an emergency and I must take dog to the vet.

If you are looking for fair overnight dog sitting rates in Moreno Valley then give me a call. Let's sit down and chat!

( Source: Angieslist.com



If you go on vacation or will be out of town for whatever the reason, I will care for your dogs and pets. $20 each 30-minute visit  (minimum two per day for dogs) 


If you work long hours and or a lot of over time am available to come and take good care of your furry friends. $20 each 30-minute visit or walk.


I will stay with your pet at your home while you are away. I will pick up mail and take the trash out on pick up day if you are gone on vacation longer than a week.  $50 per night.

I promise to love your pets as much as you do!

Our Pets Deserve The Best Attention & Lots of TLC…

If you must go for a few days then you need to rely on someone you can trust and that will care and love your dogs and pets as much as you would. I am JC the happy guy in the picture and I provide dog sitting services with lots of Tender Love and Care. Be assured that I will treat your pet as I would treat my own, with all of the playfulness they need.
I specialize in home dog sitting and I’m flexible in either having your pet stay at my home or yours, whether you’re traveling on vacation or just out for the day. I promise to love your pets as much as you do, maybe a touch more :)!
Perhaps You Are Searching Everywhere For...Whatever it is I am here to help!

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Frequently Ask Questions...

What if I have more than just one dog and other pets?

Base prices are for one dog only.  There will be additional charges if you have more animals or require extra services. I am flexible but as a guideline:
$15 each additional dog including feed cats, bunnies, hamsters, etc.

Would you take dog to vet if needed?

I will safely take your pet to the vet if needed for an appointment and also in case of an emergency. $20 round trip each time.


I am very happy with JC, loves dogs just like me

"Full of live, always happy and loves animals. Kisses and takes care of my babies like if his! Lots of Love!"

Sherry Kynaston



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