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Looking for reliable and caring dog sitting services in Moreno Valley? JC's dog sitting services is here to give you a hand. If you live here in Moreno Valley and surrounding areas like Box Springs, Canyon Crest, Alessandro Heights as well as neighborhoods in the Moreno Valley area, I am your guy!

All my dog sitting services follow healthy guidelines that every pet owner should implement. At the end of the day we want what's best for our dogs, right?

Having a nice friendly dog with you it's a great addition to your life. They are fun and provide a loyal companionship. They want to be with you by your side all the time! Owning a dog is like having a baby and the same way babies need attention or anyone else in your family so does you furry friend.

It is important to prioritized their health and happiness. Here is a few tips on how to take care of your dog. Please remember to adopt a dog if you are looking to bring home a new one. There are hundreds of dogs at the pounds or animal shelters.

So you know, because of the amount of dogs in those facilities, those that are not picked up will end up being bye bye. That is why you should consider adopting, you could be saving some dogs life and become your best friend for years.

How Much Food Should You Give To Your Dog

Follow the following guideline. You want your dog to be in good shape but not overweight.

--> Puppies eight to 12 weeks old need four meals a day.
--> Feed puppies three to six months old three meals a day.
--> Feed puppies six months to one year two meals a day.
--> When your dog reaches his first birthday, one meal a day is usually enough.
--> For some dogs, including larger canines or those prone to bloat, it's better to feed two smaller meals.

Try to feed them with premium-quality dog food for a well balanced diet. You should mixed dry food with wet food such as adding water, broth and canned food. In addition you could give them some vegetables, like carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, cottage cheese, cooked eggs. Just make sure you don't give them too much of these. Make it at about 10% of their daily intake, maybe as snack in between meals.

Make sure to feed your puppies with high quality, brand-name food and keep "human food" at a minimum. We really don't think about it and feel sorry for the dogs begging to get a bite of your food. But feeding your dogs with human food could cause vitamin and mineral imbalances as well as bone issues and teeth problems. Worst scenario, they get picky eating habits to food that will make them obese.

No human food will be best and of course make sure they have fresh water on their bowls. You also want to make sure their feeding and water bowls are clean at all times.

Exercise Routines For Health

In order for dogs to stay healthy they need lots of exercise. Exercises will burn calories and will stimulate their minds as well. Keeping them moving with activities like fetching will also avoid boredom. You don't want your dog to get bored, that's when they could develop some destructive behaviors, like chewing your shoes for example. Keeping them active with fun games will prevent the dog from doing what dogs usually do: digging, herding, chewing, chasing etc.


Clean dog, clean house! Frequent brushing will be needed to reduce shedding and will keep them free of unwanted materials and pests. Fleas and ticks are a pain, specially in the summer. Make sure you do their flea treatment monthly. Frontline is a product that is safe and works great for fleas and ticks.

Dogs don't need frequent bathing, maybe 3 times a year should be enough. But when you do, make sure you comb and cut off hairballs from their coat. Rinse all soap thoroughly. Then dry with towel or hair dryer.

How To Handle Your Dog

People love to carry up dogs and cats. You must be careful how you do it so you wont hurt the dog. The right technique is to always grab them from the chest and a support arm under back legs then lift. Avoid lifting by the forelegs, tail or back of the neck. No matter what size of dog it is use this technique at all times.

Providing Resting Housing

The same way you sleep and rest in a quite environment, free of debris and away from drafts, your dog also needs a warm quite place to rest. Dog beds are ideal with pillows and blankets. Bedding material should be washed frequently. For dogs that live strictly outside, make sure they have a shady area and lots of water in summer and a warm shelter when in cold weather.

Licensing and Identification

Your community has probably regulations you must abide and most likely they will ask a dogs license. Comply and make sure to attach the license to the dog's collar. ID tags, implanted microchips or tattoos can help identify your dogs in case of a disaster or disappearance.

Fleas and Ticks Care

Usually in the summer time is where this fleas and ticks are active pestering your dog and other pets. Inspect your dog while brushing. Using a flea comb is a great idea. There are treatments available for fleas. You may want to consult your vet on best options. Frontline products worked for me.

Handling Medicines and Poisons

This is important for the dogs safety. Never give a dog anything that has not been prescribed by your vet. If by any chance you are noticing something your dog ate is causing a problem call your vet right away or call ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center for 24-hour animal poison information at (888) 426- 4435.

Need of Spaying and Neutering

Female dogs should be spayed and male dogs neutered by six months of age. This is now a regulation to be able to control reproduction in many cities. Plus believe it or not it could also prevent health complications in the future. I never neutered by baby dog, later on he developed an hernia because of an enlarged prostate. I had to do surgery which could have been avoided if he would have been neutered.

Being On Top Of Vaccinations

Rabies shots are a must for dogs but there are other vaccinations needed to maintain a healthy life. The same way we get vaccinated against polio, chicken pots, etc your pets also need them. Consult a health check up with your pet and discuss a plan for you furry friend.

Things You Should Have Handy

Here is a list of things you will need to take care of your dog:

    Premium-quality dog food and treats
    Food dish
    Water bowl
    Toys, toys and more toys, including safe chew toys
    Brush & comb for grooming, including flea comb
    Collar with license and ID tag
    Carrier (for smaller dogs)
    Training crate
    Dog bed or box with warm blanket or towel
    Dog toothbrush

Scooping the Pooping

Dogs have necessities like humans and as food go in it also goes out. Make sure to keep areas clean of unwanted defecation in your house and when walking the dog outside your premises. Some people work the poop into their soil for nutrients. Not a bad idea!

There you go, by following these tips you can ensure a healthy life for your dogs and pets. Rest assure that the dog sitting services I provide in Moreno Valley and other areas follow these guideline at all times which can be adapted to your dogs particular situation.

Like with humans, each dog is different from each other and certain needs must be met in order to provide a health life for your dogs.

Wish for quality, caring dog sitting services? Call me now and let's chat!



If you go on vacation or will be out of town for whatever the reason, I will care for your dogs and pets. $20 each 30-minute visit  (minimum two per day for dogs) 


If you work long hours and or a lot of over time am available to come and take good care of your furry friends. $20 each 30-minute visit or walk.


I will stay with your pet at your home while you are away. I will pick up mail and take the trash out on pick up day if you are gone on vacation longer than a week.  $50 per night.

I promise to love your pets as much as you do!

Our Pets Deserve The Best Attention & Lots of TLC…

If you must go for a few days then you need to rely on someone you can trust and that will care and love your dogs and pets as much as you would. I am JC the happy guy in the picture and I provide dog sitting services with lots of Tender Love and Care. Be assured that I will treat your pet as I would treat my own, with all of the playfulness they need.
I specialize in home dog sitting and I’m flexible in either having your pet stay at my home or yours, whether you’re traveling on vacation or just out for the day. I promise to love your pets as much as you do, maybe a touch more :)!
Perhaps You Are Searching Everywhere For...Whatever it is I am here to help!

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Frequently Ask Questions...

What if I have more than just one dog and other pets?

Base prices are for one dog only.  There will be additional charges if you have more animals or require extra services. I am flexible but as a guideline:
$15 each additional dog including feed cats, bunnies, hamsters, etc.

Would you take dog to vet if needed?

I will safely take your pet to the vet if needed for an appointment and also in case of an emergency. $20 round trip each time.


I am very happy with JC, loves dogs just like me

"Full of live, always happy and loves animals. Kisses and takes care of my babies like if his! Lots of Love!"

Sherry Kynaston

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